Janai Hawkins Glenn

“I 100000% recommend Kim's services to ALL WOMEN, especially women of color in tech.

Why you ask?

#1- She is beyond amazing and dedicated to all of her clients. #2 Every coaching session, she brings years of experience, a commitment to seeing me reach my career goals, and a perspective that motivates and encourages. #3- Since our very first consultation in February, she's helped me process situations, and see things that I have over the years buried as a professional woman of color. She's reminded me that I am worthy and deserving of a career that I love. I don't need to settle for a corner in the room.

If you are on the fence about using a coach, let me assure you Kim is the real deal."

– Janai Hawkins-Glen, Customer Success Leader


“Kim's team building experience has been truly transformational.

Not only did my team members tap into their strengths and improve their performance, but I personally have tapped into a whole new world of personal strengths I didn't know I had. Now, I'm peak performing every day."

– Sonya Kay Blake, President and CEO, The Valley Economic Alliance

Roberta Guise

“Kim Jones brings a lifetime of knowledge and expertise to gender equity from her years as a corporate CIO who was often the only woman in the room.

With her deep background in anthropology, business culture, and diversity, Kim knows how to set the corporate stage for individuals, teams, women, and diverse populations to experience a workplace that’s welcoming, friendly, and appealing.

Kim has a unique strength: She shines a light on entrenched biases against underrepresented groups that signal to employees not to bring their full selves to work. She shows company leaders how to build awareness and determine fixes for issues that perpetuate biases. In the end, her guidance starts the process towards bringing about a workforce where more employees feel completely welcome, every day."

– Roberta Guise, Reputation Expert and Brand Advisor to Kim Jones Alliance

Ally Stone

“You won't be disappointed!

When I started coaching with Kim, I was unclear about my career trajectory and where I was going. I knew some changes needed to happen in my life and how I lead, and Kim helped me gain the insight I needed to make those changes.

The amazing part is that not only have I made the changes I felt were necessary, but I have also excelled into a new stratosphere in my career that I didn’t even know was possible. I highly recommend Kim Jones as a career coach to any woman looking to uplevel her career and life."

– Ally Stone, Founder and CEO, The Inspired Leader


“Kim helped with everything, giving me so much more than I ever expected!

Kim set the whole framework for our work together, giving me direction and keeping me motivated along the way. She helped me stay focused and, above all, instilled in me the confidence to know I can get out there and do everything I want to do!

On a practical level, Kim was always sending me useful resources and documents. Thanks to her, I also now have an updated resume and LinkedIn profile, which has already led to some fantastic new connections.

With Kim’s help, I've realized I’m not over the hill – I can still go out there and make an impact. My age brings with it some amazing skills that I can carry forward into a bright future. I am branching out!"

– Andree Herscovici, Software Developer

Anika Pandit

“Working with Kim helped me gain clarity about my career path ahead.

I began working with Kim to better understand the types of positions that are out there for people with my skill set and to reflect on what I might want to do long-term.  I previously believed that the way forward was to develop more of my technical skills, but Kim helped me understand that my marketable differentiators are the people and relationship skills I had taken for granted. She encouraged me to focus on my overlapping strengths and values, and I will always refer back to this in everything I do. Kim also challenged my preconceived notions that I need to work in a big company and helped me discover my entrepreneurial spirit. I was fearful of acknowledging this part of me, but now I know I want to leverage this in my work going forward.  

But the biggest thing I am leaving with? It’s the knowledge that work doesn’t have to be unpleasant or stressful. I’m confident that using the tools I learned, my next role will be one that actually makes me love going to work each day!"

– Anika Pandit, Technical Solutions Manager

Alison Dean

“Kim's invaluable support and guidance have empowered me.

I began working with Kim at a time when I was definitely questioning my role and relevance in the workforce, amplified by the fact that I felt taken advantage of for longer than I care to admit. 

Having an ally in Kim has been instrumental in helping me gain clarity on my strengths while ensuring I stay true to my nature. She has helped me recognize  the vital skills I always had, including my ability to lead and inspire my teams. 

Feeling much more grounded in my power enables me to walk into any work situation with clearer intention and confidence, and has ignited my excitement for what's next in my career."

– Alison Dean, Chief Administrative Officer

Charlene Estrada

“I would not be where I am without Kim!

What I hoped to get from my coaching with Kim was clarity on my next career move.  What I actually got was an entirely new direction for my career! Our engagement helped me better connect with my passion and purpose and helped me develop the resilience and grit needed to move into this next phase. 

Kim’s coaching reinforced my desire to challenge myself beyond what I’ve ever done and helped me tackle my fears to prove to myself that I can achieve bigger dreams than I ever imagined, something that will serve me well in my transition from corporate executive to entrepreneur. By sharing her in-depth knowledge and experience, Kim has given me the confidence going forward to take on the challenges and unexpected glitches that are going to happen on my career journey.

Furthermore, I cannot express how much I appreciated Kim’s strength, clarity, and calmness. Kim sees things both through a professional lens and from a human perspective – blending those together to make her coaching unique. She always brought humanity, honesty, and courage to each of our sessions.”

– Charlene Estrada, Business Consultant

Nicole McMackin

“I highly recommend Kim for your next speaking event!

I’ve worked with Kim since I launched ITC’s CIO Certification for Women program in 2018, where she serves as our expert speaker on gender equity and tech culture topics. With each cohort that goes through the program, Kim creates new and engaging sessions on subjects relevant to women aspiring to reach the CIO position.

The students (women in IT leadership) love Kim’s classes because of her relatability, the quality of her content, and her engaging speaking style. Leveraging her own experiences as a former CIO and cultural anthropologist, she breaks down complex topics that impact their careers as women, and makes them understandable and actionable. The things the students learn from Kim have helped them further their leadership effectiveness and career aspirations in tech.

If you’re looking for a speaker to bring your audience relevant information on topics that affect women’s equity and leadership in the workplace, I highly recommend you talk to Kim!"

– Nicole McMackin, CEO, Irvine Technology Corporation

Jessica Kinnard

“Kim is an incredible coach!

Kim made me believe that my dream career was possible when I was ready to give up. She very quickly got to the heart of what I wanted in my career so I was able to have clarity early on. She helped me craft a resume that blew me away, gave me confidence in my skills, and that I am so proud to share with potential employers. Kim's background and expertise gave me access to job search methods that I would never have figured out on my own. Her unique blend of intelligence, experience, and intuition make her a powerfully effective coach and a joy to partner with.”

– Jessica Kinnard, Life Coach

Denise Duff

“I would absolutely recommend Kim to others - it was a pleasure working with her!

I decided to work with Kim to figure out what I wanted to do next with my career. The process Kim used pushed me to look at this from many different angles. Her emphasis on being mindful in my career search, which previously had been driven by who was hiring, really helped me to take a step back and reflect on my situation in a constructive and thoughtful way. With Kim’s guidance, I realized it was okay to take the time to think about the path ahead and challenge the beliefs others held about what I should do next. Having a clear, guided process of scheduled meetings with set milestones was invaluable for this – there were so many useful exercises and tidbits along the way that I was so out of practice with.

Kim also helped me identify my limiting beliefs and gave me the tools to counteract my negative thoughts so I could go after the career I truly wanted. After going through her process, I now know that it’s OK to do what I want to do, and I feel really confident about what’s next for me!”

– Denise Duff, former Nonprofit Director 

Rachel Bird

“Kim helped me see myself more clearly, which enabled me to work past the obstacles that were holding me back.

I entered the coaching engagement with Kim wanting to gain an ally in navigating my career journey as a woman in tech - someone trustworthy and kind who could see things I was missing and help me course-correct where necessary, as well as gain clarity in defining the path ahead. I’m delighted that working with Kim delivered in all of these areas!  I gained the insight that my experiences were not uncommon, and my responses to the obstacles I faced were legitimate. This renewed my confidence in myself.

Kim is a great guide through this complicated terrain.”

– Rachel Bird, Software Engineer

Jenny Manocchio

“Kim is your LinkedIn expert!

As the movie quote says, “If you build it, they will come.” Thanks to Kim they will! Kim helps our clients ensure the information on their LinkedIn profiles reflects the past, present, and future. Her masterful wordsmithing to highlight not only their professional accomplishments but the vision they have for reaching their business goals is essential in today’s digital age. ”

– Jenny Manocchio, Marketing Leader

Sandy Dubin

“The engagement itself was perfect. Kim was always fully present, insightful, creative, encouraging, and knowledgeable.

I knew I wanted to pivot my career to mission-driven work, but I felt lost as to how and where to begin. I needed help in reframing my experience and skillset on my resume, as well as guidance on how to get it noticed both when applying for positions and on LinkedIn. I learned how to organize my resume more effectively, highlight and emphasize my pro-bono work, how to reframe my skillset, and how to better navigate LinkedIn. Kim was both my cheerleader and emotional support, teaching me that my struggles are not unique and reminding me of my value.”

– Sandy Dubin, Building Architect & Social Impact Advocate

Hayley Gillooly

“I always felt our sessions were seamlessly tailored to where I was and what I needed. I cannot recommend working with Kim enough!

I began working with Kim when I was considering my desired career direction after several years in a highly rewarding yet extremely demanding job that left me eager to make an intentional next step in my career that aligned with my values and desired lifestyle.

In my sessions with Kim, I was able to rethink my career options, explore my goals both professionally and personally, and identify new possibilities that would allow me to align my career with the intentions I have for my life. This could have been a daunting process of self-discovery and professional exploration if undertaken solo; instead, working with Kim has provided me with partnership, accountability, empathy, and wisdom.

To each of our sessions, Kim brought deep professional expertise and concrete, practical ideas and tools, as well as empathy and intuitive insights--which made this career exploration process empowering and exciting.”

– Hayley Gillooly, Strategy Consultant

Hema Dey, CEO | Iffel International - Hema Dey

“Feel closure and confidence again, be the powerful woman you are!

As a professional woman in the tech industry since 1994, I know what challenges I had on an international stage.  An overpowering of male dominance, power struggles, competing challenges between work and wanting to be a mother, and the list goes on.  I have worked with Kim who was once in woman in tech, climbing the corporate ladder and understanding the walk every woman in tech takes each and every day.  I recommend all women out there in the tech world engage with Kim should you need leadership or career coaching.  Be it elevating your career, getting to decisions around your future, work-life balance, and so much more... choose Kim as your transformational coach."

                                                                                      – Hema Dey, CEO | Iffel International, Inc.

VP, IT Professional Services - Shehla Yamani

“Kim gained my trust from our very first meeting, thanks to her empathetic and insightful coaching style.

Kim's approach to coaching is rooted in her personal experience and not merely academic.  I feel validated and strengthened after every coaching session and am excited about my future career path thanks to Kim's practical guidance and encouragement.”

– Shehla Yamani, IT Director

Professional Development and Leadership Coach - Elizabeth Armistead

“Kim has helped me tremendously! Kim provides the kind of support that pulls out all of your answers within.

Kim helped to normalize the navigation of my career by offering a wealth of wisdom from her own experience and speaking a universal language of trust and connectedness. All of this is done with a grounded and calming presence that is soothing to the soul. If you are feeling a little lost, Kim can help you find your way!"

– Elizabeth Armistead, Professional Development and Leadership Coach

Pauline Dougald

“Learning to be more open with my approach and not be afraid of myself has been invaluable, allowing me to step more fully into myself and embrace all aspects of my creativity.

I went into my coaching journey with Kim hoping to get feedback and perspective on what I am doing with my business, and to confirm if I am heading in the right direction or not. After working with Kim, I felt a new wave of excitement as she confirmed that I needed to stay within my alignment and not do things that are not working for me. I became really comfortable with my rather fringe inclinations and discovered new levels of creativity supported by feminine aspects of my inner artist. Sharing my work with Kim really helped me overcome a fear of rejection, resulting in more ideas that I’ve had before and leading me into a new territory of creation..”

– Pauline Dougald, Flow State Coach

“Kim helped me gain clarity about my career.

I embarked on my coaching journey with Kim seeking help on how I could drive my career forward, move up to higher roles, and become more known in my network. However, as we worked together, it became clear that what I really came for was clarity, something Kim truly helped me to gain.

Kim made the space for me to really question and define what my heart truly defines as success. I learned that for me, it is all about balance – enjoying my work, but being able to spend quality time with family and have time for myself outside of work. I am delighted to say that I now feel passionate and excited about the work I'm doing and am able to make time for what matters most to me - my family.”

– Rachel P,  IT Product Manager

Kate O'Brien

“Kim is an inspiring and dedicated coach, and really helped me unpack some barriers which have been holding me back.

She asks all the right questions and also isn't afraid to give you prompts and ideas to stretch you out of your comfort zone. If you have the opportunity to work with Kim, I highly recommend you take it!"

– Jo Ingram, Business Coach and Mumpreneur

Jessica Kinnard

“I would not be where I am now without the help of Kim.

I started working with Kim shortly after I made my big career leap. I was passionate about my new career, but facing waves of internal resistance, doubt, and insecurity. Without Kim’s guidance, I may have turned back.

I cannot express my gratitude for Kim enough. Kim embodies that unique blend of strong yet gentle, practical and wise, intellect and heart. She is gifted in intuition and empathy. Kim quickly sees where you are holding yourself back and guides you to your own inner wisdom.

She is a powerhouse when it comes to practical advice and real-world solutions. Kim’s approach of addressing inner resistance as you take actionable steps toward your career goals is exactly what you need to transform and love your career."

– Jessica Kinnard, Holistic Life Coach

Naz Harounian

“Kim’s organization of thoughts into reality is rather exceptional.

As a screenwriter and fashion entrepreneur, I’m constantly problem-solving and looking for new ways to move my career forward.  Kim saved me and guided me toward making my goal into a reality.  She was able to help me narrow down by goal and help me figure out how to achieve this goal.”

– Naz Harounian, Screenwriter and Fashion Entrepreneur

Joann Baker - Owner, Just Beautiful Designs

“She is incredibly talented, really caring and I highly recommend her services.

I had my first coaching session with Kim and am so impressed.  Kim walked me through some issues, gently guided me to think about some of my habits and beliefs.  I was reluctant to go there, as it can be confronting to own our "stuff" but she was gentle and intuitive and really helped me focus on my goals.”

– Joann Baker, Owner, Just Beautiful Designs

Mateen Rabbani

“I want to thank you for all that you did for me during TMP.

Learning from your career, your experiences, and the experiences of the other attendees was invaluable. Going into the start of my career, I feel all the more prepared to tackle the social and organizational issues that may arise. It was an absolute thrill to be in your class and honestly the best professional experience I have had. I have actively been forming new professional relationships with many of the attendees from our section, and that would not have happened without your active support.”

– Mateen Rabbani, Mechanical Engineering, University of California, Los Angeles