Meet Kim

Kim Jones is a certified leadership and career coach, speaker, facilitator, and advisor to individuals and organizations.

Women who build careers in alignment with who they authentically are is what the world needs more of right now to bring better balance, inclusion, and consciousness into modern workplaces.

I work with corporations to build more equitable and engaged organizations, and with professional women who are seeking careers where their skills are fully realized and recognized.

It makes no difference whether I’m coaching teams, advising organizations, or working one-on-one with women, there’s one thing my clients seek…and that’s to make a larger impact.

My journey to gender equity work began after spending 25 years climbing the corporate ladder.

During this time, I witnessed firsthand the disadvantages women face in the workforce. I was fortunate to have been guided by my own phenomenal coaches and mentors to develop effective strategies for navigating these dynamics throughout my own career.

Unfortunately, many women are not similarly equipped. Plus, many organizations remain unaware of how to recognize and remediate the dynamics that hinder women’s equal access to opportunities and career advancement. This impedes the progress companies are striving to make with building the 21st century work environments that attract and retain top talent and enable top performance results.

As an MBA and former C-Suite leader, I’ve developed the business expertise to consult with corporate clients looking to bridge the gap between their gender equity intentions and results.

As a cultural anthropologist, I advise companies on changing the cultural systems that create and perpetuate obstacles to women reaching their highest professional potential.

And as a former executive, I provide individual coaching to professional women whose stories I deeply understand and relate to —  women who want to make a bigger impact through their work. Women who navigate the challenges of being underrepresented in some of the most important industries of the 21st century: leadership and tech. Women looking for guidance and effective strategies for working in environments where they may feel undervalued, overlooked, and like outsiders.

Hayley Gillooly

“I always felt our sessions were seamlessly tailored to where I was and what I needed. I cannot recommend working with Kim enough!

I began working with Kim when I was considering my desired career direction after several years in a highly rewarding yet extremely demanding job that left me eager to make an intentional next step in my career that aligned with my values and desired lifestyle.

In my sessions with Kim, I was able to rethink my career options, explore my goals both professionally and personally, and identify new possibilities that would allow me to align my career with the intentions I have for my life. This could have been a daunting process of self-discovery and professional exploration if undertaken solo; instead, working with Kim has provided me with partnership, accountability, empathy, and wisdom.

To each of our sessions, Kim brought deep professional expertise and concrete, practical ideas and tools, as well as empathy and intuitive insights--which made this career exploration process empowering and exciting.”

– Hayley Gillooly, Strategy Consultant

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Professional Bio

Kim Jones is a career and executive leadership certified coach, speaker, facilitator, and gender equity advisor who is committed to developing leaders and elevating women in the workforce.

Kim works with individuals and companies dedicated to fostering the advancement and well-being of women in the workplace. As a former executive in the Information Technology sector, she knows firsthand the barriers women face to achieving equal representation and career fulfillment on their own terms. Over Kim’ 25-year corporate career, she developed holistic strategies to address the issues that hinder women’s advancement and equity in the workplace.

Kim leverages her business experience and background in anthropology to guide her clients in developing the skills, authenticity, resilience, confidence, perseverance, and cultural acumen to guide professional growth, while creating practices to balance professional objectives with overall well-being.

Kim Jones, executive career coach

In addition to career coaching for women, Kim advises and speaks on gender equity and leadership topics relevant to businesses and corporate leaders. Topics include her journey to the C-suite, the unique dynamics of IT cultures, attributes of 21st century leadership, effective networking, attracting and retaining women workers, developing professional authenticity, giving effective feedback, and addressing gender biases. Kim facilitates workshops for leaders on organizational culture, team building, and strategic planning, and mentors high-potential women in IT to achieve next-level leadership.

Prior to launching her consulting and coaching business, Kim held executive-level positions for several Fortune 250 companies in various functional roles, most recently serving as divisional CIO and SVP, Information Technology for Farmers Insurance Company. In this position, she led teams of over 1,000 people to develop and implement the company’s technology vision and strategy. In previous roles, Kim led large-scale operations for both large companies and start-ups.

Kim holds a master's degree in anthropology, MBA, and bachelor's degree in psychology from California State University, Northridge. She is an ACC-certified coach through the International Coaching Federation and holds a certificate from the Yale University School of Management, Women’s Leadership Program.

Anika Pandit

“Working with Kim helped me gain clarity about my career path ahead.

I began working with Kim to better understand the types of positions that are out there for people with my skill set and to reflect on what I might want to do long-term.  I previously believed that the way forward was to develop more of my technical skills, but Kim helped me understand that my marketable differentiators are the people and relationship skills I had taken for granted. She encouraged me to focus on my overlapping strengths and values, and I will always refer back to this in everything I do. Kim also challenged my preconceived notions that I need to work in a big company and helped me discover my entrepreneurial spirit. I was fearful of acknowledging this part of me, but now I know I want to leverage this in my work going forward.  

But the biggest thing I am leaving with? It’s the knowledge that work doesn’t have to be unpleasant or stressful. I’m confident that using the tools I learned, my next role will be one that actually makes me love going to work each day!"

Anika Pandit, Technical Solutions Manager


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