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Women in Tech

The statistics bear a grim reality for women in tech – close to half of us will leave the field by the time we reach the mid-point of our careers.  Dynamics like hustle culture, hyper-masculine worker biases, unequal pay, mommy penalties, steep paths to advancement, and unfair treatment lead many women to evaluate whether they’ve made the right choice to pursue a career in tech.

Are you one of them?

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If the answer is yes...

Before you throw in the towel, know that there are ways for you to succeed as a woman in tech.  As a former divisional CIO for a Fortune 250 company, I have first-hand experiences of the challenges women face in navigating their tech careers.  Whether you want to grow in your current position, find a different job in the field, or leave IT altogether, by working together you will identify the most intentional and empowering career path that fits with your life and career goals, and develop the strategies to implement it.

Areas of focus in my coaching practice include:

Overcoming imposter syndrome, low confidence, and fears with being visible and taking risks

Navigating the gender biases that persist in many tech environments to achieve better parity

Examining professional brands that pigeonhole clients and recasting them into compelling career narratives

Developing the skills and strategies that enable clients to achieve better leadership or career effectiveness, and/or their next career level

Creating strategies and boundaries for better balance between work and personal priorities

Gaining access to the professional networks and high visibility assignments that lead to career growth

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Rachel Bird

Rachel Bird

“Kim helped me see myself more clearly, which enabled me to work past the obstacles that were holding me back.

I entered the coaching engagement with Kim wanting to gain an ally in navigating my career journey as a woman in tech – someone trustworthy and kind who could see things I was missing and help me course-correct where necessary, as well as gain clarity in defining the path ahead. I’m delighted that working with Kim delivered in all of these areas! I gained the insight that my experiences were not uncommon, and my responses to the obstacles I faced were legitimate. This renewed my confidence in myself.

Kim is a great guide through this complicated terrain.”

Rachel B.
Software Engineer