For Gender Equity

As a society, we experience tremendous losses in unrealized leadership and innovation potential when women do not achieve their highest professional capacity.

Said another way, companies that provide women with equal access to opportunities and support them in engaging authentically in work that amplifies their greatest talents outcompete those who don’t. These companies foster the cultures that attract the talent needed to thrive in the 21st century.

Kim Jones, Executive Career Coach, showing career statistics to female employee

I work with my clients to build the work structures that equitably support women by fostering better equality and inclusion.

The work I do as a gender equity advisor is centered on helping clients understand their barriers to achieving gender equity, developing plans to address their specific obstacles, and advising them on the best approach to make the changes needed and create the impact they seek.

Over the course of my career, I've spent decades developing deeply relevant experience in increasing gender equity as a result of my work in applying business insights and people-centered leadership to build inclusive teams and cultures. One of the most gratifying outcomes of engaging in this work is cultivating equitable environments that enable everyone to thrive, especially those in underrepresented groups.

In my last corporate position as divisional CIO for Farmers Insurance, my focus on culture and equity played a large part in transforming the IT operation from a production-focused legacy operation to a mission-centered modern organization enabled by a culture of empowerment, equity, inclusion, and innovation, improving employee engagement and customer retention along the way.

As a result of these experiences, and in my work as a cultural anthropologist, I have honed an enduring passion for championing the advancement of women in the workplace, which now serves as the mission for my company. I bring this passion to each client I work with, where our collaborations are centered on elevating the careers and outcomes for those they employ and serve.

Roberta Guise

“Kim Jones brings a lifetime of knowledge and expertise to gender equity from her years as a corporate CIO who was often the only woman in the room.

With her deep background in anthropology, business culture, and diversity, Kim knows how to set the corporate stage for individuals, teams, women, and diverse populations to experience a workplace that’s welcoming, friendly, and appealing.

Kim has a unique strength: She shines a light on entrenched biases against underrepresented groups that signal to employees not to bring their full selves to work. She shows company leaders how to build awareness and determine fixes for issues that perpetuate biases. In the end, her guidance starts the process towards bringing about a workforce where more employees feel completely welcome, every day."

– Roberta Guise, Reputation Expert and Brand Advisor to Kim Jones Alliance