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Life Visioning Retreat for Women*

Reflect, Explore, Discover, Create

Create an intentional path forward for your life and work.

Join a group of like-minded women* committed to not settling for the status quo personally or professionally. This retreat offers a transformative journey of restoration, inquiry, and re-imagining our lives beyond our limiting stories.

*Inclusive of all who identify as women

In this retreat, you will have the opportunity to:

  • Reflect on where you’ve been and where you’re going
  • Explore the life you want to create, one aligned with your values and purpose
  • Create a roadmap and vision for your next career or life chapter
  • Set intentional goals for the near term
  • Restore through yoga, sound healing, conscious movement, and time in nature

This retreat is co-hosted annually by Kim Jones, Career Coach; Ciela Wynter, Inner Work Guide; and Kathryn Morrissey, Social Impact Advisor.

Carmel by the Sea

Retreat Logistics

Location: Carmel by the Sea

Dates for Next Retreat: Dec. 1 – Dec. 4, 2022 (Retreat commences 12/1/22 @3pm and culminates 12/4/22 @1pm)

Limited Participation: Participation limited to no more than 20  women

Retreat, Programming Fee, and Meals: $1,500 per person (accommodations not included)

  • 50% due Oct. 1, 2022
  • 50% due Nov. 24, 2022
  • $200 down payment to reserve spot, $100 refundable if canceled by Oct. 1, 2022

About the Hosts

Ciela Wynter

Ciela Wynter, Singer/Songwriter, Inner Work Guide, Author & Astrologer

Ciela Wynter is a Singer/Songwriter, Inner Work Guide, Author of The Inner Journey, and Astrologer. She seeks the extraordinary in the everyday, weaving her inner work and creative inspiration throughout her life. Ciela is a lover of self-inquiry and the transmutation of energy from pain into that which is useful. Nature in all of her forms is a deep resource for her and a reflection of what is possible—which is everything. Ciela shares vulnerable insight from her life and hopes that by courageously and openly offering her own perspective, it will add light, creativity, and beauty to yours.

Kim Jones

Kim Jones, Founder & CEO, Kim Jones Coaching Alliance, Executive Career Coach

Kim Jones is a trusted career coach who guides professional women to fulfill their life’s vision through their work, and to help them find their way to work they love. Kim believes women who build careers in alignment with who they are authentically is what the world needs more of to bring better balance, inclusion, and consciousness to our society. She works with women seeking to reach their professional potential by helping them identify and transition into new careers, up-level their skills to achieve career advancement, and bring more balance and authenticity to their work.

Kathryn Morrissey

Kathryn Morrissey, Founder, KLM Expressions, Social Impact Advisor

Kathryn Morrissey is a coalition & convening builder and a social impact & organizational development strategist for capacity building. She created KLM Expressions, a consultancy dedicated to creating greater access points to transformative experiences for individuals and organizations as a way to bridge her professional expertise with her vision for innovative collaboration in the workplace. Kathryn designs programming, initiatives and gatherings that foster community building, exploration and the reimagination of inner work. She brings forth new possibilities of how to drive impact in service while creating a conscious and inclusive society.

Michelle Sikes

I came out of the retreat with a huge mindset shift!

Prior to attending the retreat, I had no preconceived expectations of what the experience would be like other than that it may include some goal coaching. I came out of it having had a huge mindset shift, learning how to do life with more flow and less hustle. The time I spent meditating, enjoying the yoga sessions, and spending intentional time in nature felt incredibly meaningful, and I learned that this is something I really need on a consistent basis. And, the workshops for planning my intentions for the new year were so helpful that I now use them to do intentional planning with my own team at work!


- Michelle Sikes

Michelle Sikes

“I really needed the massive reset that this retreat provided

I knew I was fatigued and close to burnout before attending the retreat, but didn’t realize just how much until given the time and space to reenergize, rest and reset. The retreat had all the right ingredients in place to make it a success, with each element so thoughtfully curated; the beautiful locale and intimate space, a well-balanced schedule filled with movement, meditation, and reflective exercises, delicious and nourishing food, and bonuses such as the sound bath and art projects. Perfection! I loved connecting with lovely people in such a beautiful setting, sharing wisdom, and enjoying each co-host’s participation. Having space to imagine and dream, which is in short supply for me these days as a mama, was vital and provided much-needed clarity for the year ahead. I really needed the massive reset and you ladies did an incredible job co-hosting together. Brava!”

- Lindsay Linton Buk

“I feel more inspired and empowered!

I wanted 2022 to be the year where I live my true, authentic life in all areas, and I knew this retreat would help me organize and refocus my thoughts, giving me the energy and excitement to follow through on my goals. Knowing one of the hosts, I trusted that anything she created was going to be a stellar experience. I’m thrilled to say I was right! The setting was even more beautiful than I expected, and I was so inspired by the group of women I was with, all of them so open, honest, vulnerable, and supportive. I have made some wonderful connections that I hope will grow into long-term friendships. I got clarity on the beliefs that are holding me back in my life and feel more inspired and empowered to keep creating my authentic life after this experience.”


- Jessica Kinnard